What Women Are Saying About Our Platform

Direct Quotes Taken From Members

‘Post-graduate depression is definitely real and this group is a reminder that you are not alone’

'I love being part of a group of like-minded girls, all being so positive and supportive of each other’

’Just wanted to say how much I love this page – I struggled to make friends at uni and so this has been a great place to feel part of a uni culture.’

‘I love this page and how you offer support to graduates in some of the most difficult years of their life’

'I love seeing what paths girls have taken after uni and getting real life perspectives’

‘GWG has some amazing opportunities like webinars and it's so motivating to see other girls succeeding!!’

‘GWG is fun and an amazing place to network!’

‘This group provides me with motivation, a lovely community, and a distraction from life at the moment'

‘This group helps me see that there are other young gals going through the same struggles/issues as me’